Barley Seed

6-row barley
Tall variety with strong straw yield
Works well in mixed grain

Barley Seed

6-row barley
Great straw strength


WinField United Canada and Country Farm Seeds are joining forces to provide Canadian farmers and ag retailers with an expanded seed portfolio featuring the WinField® United CROPLAN® seed brand. The partnership was effective September 2020, in time for the start of the 2021 seed purchasing season.

Click the following link to see the CROPLAN® seed catalogue: CROPLAN Seed Catalogue

Trial results can be seen here:  CROPLAN Trial Results

Cereal Mixtures and Cereal Forage Mixtures

Mixed Grain available in following ratios: Amaze, Markdale and Bullet

50% Oats / 50% Barley
RC Amaze – Dignity/Amberly
OAC Markdale – Dignity/Amberly
AAC Bullet – Dignity/Amberly

65% Oats / 35% Barley
RC Amaze: Dignity/Amberly
OAC Markdale – Dignity/Amberly
AAC Bullet – Dignity/Amberly

Three way mix: Oats/Barley/Wheat
RC Amaze/Amberly/Glen

Forage Pea and Oat Mixture

Common Forage Peas

Oat Seed

RC Amaze
Early maturing white oat
Consistent yield performer

OAC Markdale
Consistent yielding variety
Tall oat with good standability

Oat Seed

AAC Bullet
Top yielder
Good lodging resistence

Soybean Seed

OAC Strive (2650 CHU)
Good Early growth
Impressive protein and lodging resistance

OAC Kamran

OAC Bruton

Soybean Seed

Altitude R2 (2725 CHU)
Excellent yielding variety that can handle a wide range of yielding envionments
Excellent standability

Beliveau R2X (2775 CHU)
New variety with SCN resistance
Can handle a variety of soil types and environments
Quick emergence and canopy closure

Soybean Seed

We also provide a wide selection of Sevita varieties:
Sevita Seed Guide

Wheat Seed

Top yielding variety that performs well across the province
Excellent fusarium tolerance
Tall variety with great standability

130 lb/acre for 1.6 Million seeds/acre
Great yielding variety
Good leaf disease tolerance
Excellent standability