Soybean Treatment

Fortenza Vibrance Maxx

  • Fortenza Vibrance Maxx is a new seed treatment this year for soybeans.
  • It is a non- class 12 pesticide, so no paperwork is required.
  • It controls below ground insects and protects against early season disease.
  • It is replacing CruiserMaxx.

Vibrance Maxx

  • Provides the benefits of both systemic and contact fungicide activity
  • Safe on seed and can be used with most Rhizobium-based inoculants
  • Consistent performance under a wide range of growing conditions
  • Leads to more consistent yield 
  • Is not a Class 12 pesticide therefore less paperwork

Soybean Inoculant


  • Opitimize products combine LCO technology with quality inoculants. The LCO molecule enhances the soil microbial environment to support the plant’s nutritional availability, suporting the growth and yield potential of the crop, while the bacterial inoculant grows on plant roots and forms root nodules which convert, or fix, nitrogen from the air into forms the plant can use.

Cereal Treatment

Raxil PRO

  • Raxil PRO keeps things simple.  It’s one product with one rate that offers full protection, giving growers complete confidence that they have all diseases covered no matter what the disease levels in the field are.