Soybean Treatment


  • Fortenza® is a non-neonicotinoid soybean seed treatment.
  • It delivers control of the following pests: Euopean chafer, June beetle, bean leaf beetle, black cutworm, wireworm and seed corn maggot.
  • Helps build a strong soybean stand, even under heavy insect pressure, producing faster, more unifom growth.
  • Fortenza can be used with most Rhizobium-based inoculants

Vayantis® IV RFC

  • Contains 4 powerful modes of action, including new picarbutrazox, a highly effective mode of action with no known cross-resistance.
  • Provides wide-ranging Phytophthora protection and the most comprehensive Pythium control in soybeans.
  • Broad-spectrum protection against key seed- and soil-borne diseases
  • Rooting Power® of Vibrance®, for stronger roots that can better defend against soil-borne diseases and take full advantage of soil nutrients, improving soybeans’ ability to withstand unfavourable spring conditions.

Soybean Inoculant


  • Opitimize products combine LCO technology with quality inoculants. The LCO molecule enhances the soil microbial environment to support the plant’s nutritional availability, suporting the growth and yield potential of the crop, while the bacterial inoculant grows on plant roots and forms root nodules which convert, or fix, nitrogen from the air into forms the plant can use.

Cereal Treatment

Raxil PRO

  • Raxil PRO keeps things simple.  It’s one product with one rate that offers full protection, giving growers complete confidence that they have all diseases covered no matter what the disease levels in the field are.