Picture of Rosebank Seed Farms Ltd.

At Rosebank Seed Farms Ltd we are a family owned business that grows and processes many different kinds of pedigree seed. Some of the different kinds of seeds we process are Oats, Barley, Wheat, Soybeans, Edible Beans and Popcorn. We retail other products such as Seed Corn, Grass seed and Inoculants to farmers in many areas. We also sell to a large number of farm supply dealers in a wide area, supplying them with different products to round out their lineup. Soybeans is our largest volume of products processed, as we process for other seed companies and also process soybeans for export into food markets in countries such as Japan.  

Popcorn is also grown, processed, and sold as well.  What started out as a hobby, has now grown into a business with sales increasing each year.